The Ni2 Inventory application provides all features required to build and maintain a unique multi-domain inventory of any type of service or resource (IT, Network, Datacenter, etc.), either physical or logical, to effectively manage their lifecycles, track their costs and document their associated service levels and underpinning contracts.

The Ni2 Inventory application provides:

  • Service Inventory: enables managing the network from the service perspective. Service Inventory module leverages the Service Catalog to describe the services -Customer Facing Services (CFS) and Resource Facing Services (RFS) – and manages service instances so that they are created according to service specifications.
  • Resource Inventory: storing attribute and lifecycle information about both physical and logical network resources and leverages the Resource Catalog to describe all resources and presents as-is, planning and historical states of telecom/IT network infrastructure.
  • Resource Catalog: enabling the centralization of the multi-vendor and multi-technology resources specifications management.
  • CMDB: providing a multi-domain (IT, network, and datacenter) service and resource view including all their descriptive relationships and dependencies.
  • Site Inventory: enabling the modeling, utilization and management of locations, rooms, and racks.

Asset Management

Inventory management provides a complementary module to manage and track assets. In Ni2, assets can be any physical resource or software that can be associated with a monetary value. This includes:

  • Locations like buildings and supporting structures
  • Enclosures like data center racks, cabinets or electrical enclosures
  • Equipment or any of their components like cards, processors or RAM
  • Accessories like office equipment and furniture
  • Software packages

Organizations, human resources and geographical entities are also managed within the Asset Management module.

Asset Management main features are:

  • Managing asset resource lifecycle
  • Modeling the asset inventory, their makeup, and their location
  • Documenting asset properties including descriptive attributes and related documents
  • Building and maintaining asset catalog
  • Managing organizations and their human resources
  • Tracking asset total cost of ownership


Documenting Contracts and Agreements

Ni2 provides all required features to properly document contracts and agreements. Contracts can be support, maintenance, warranty… and other complementary contracts like software licenses. Agreement can be SLA, OLA, or underpinning contract. For contract and agreements, the following features are provided:

  • Create contract or agreement
  • Manage their terms including conditions, targets and milestones
  • Tracking their start and end date
  • Tracking their stakeholders
  • Monitoring their targets and acting on defined milestones