Ni2 empowers Service Providers with end-to-end visibility, management, and control

Ni2 helps Service Providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver, support, and monetize their service offerings. To achieve this, we provide them an innovative and unique Cross-domain Service & Resource Life-cycle and Inventory Management software solution delivering next-generation Operational Support Systems (OSS), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities on ONE platform.

Our software platform is uniquely designed to help Service Providers to effectively deal with the service management and transformational challenges prevalent in provisioning multiple shared services and resources to multiple customers. The Ni2 Platform, is a scalable, adaptable secure system and designed with a federated multi-tenant orientation. It’s open and documented API’s, and industry leading multi-domain model enable customization of applications to manage any and all services and infrastructure resources across the IT, network, facilities and Cloud domains.

In order to respond to Service Providers’ needs, the Ni2 Software has been productized into four main business applications – Ni2 Inventory, Ni2 Plan & Design, Ni2 Fulfillment, and Ni2 Support.

Together, the Ni2 Platform and its application modules offer unparalleled support, visibility, management and control of services and resources by combining inventory, configuration, design, modeling, fulfillment and proactive lifecycle management in a single software suite. The result is a significant enhancement and extension of a Service Provider’s pre-existing investments in technologies, people and processes.

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