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buildLearn how Ni2 can assist in delivering new services.  The Ni2 Platform enables service providers to thoroughly plan and design newly required resources, as well as fully manage their deployment.


deliverThis presentation shows how Ni2 can help plan, provision and fulfill ordered services quickly and more efficiently, allowing Service Providers to monetize their resources faster.


See how Ni2’s unique technology allows service providers to create and maintain an up-to-date inventory and audit all services and resources through out their lifecycles.


Watch how Ni2 offers service providers with support features that provide serviceability and enhance customer support, in order to reduce churn and increase profitability.

Technical Papers

crossdomainservicemanagementCross-Domain Service Management vs. Traditional IT Service Management for Service Providers
The purpose of this position paper is to identify and highlight the key differences between the Ni2 Cross- Domain Service Management Platform software designed for Service Providers versus traditional ITSM software tools designed for enterprise customers.
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transformingitTransforming IT Operations To Become Cloud-ReadyThis whitepaper presents how and why IT organizations must transform their mode of operation and what to look for in the new IT Management tools to help them move ahead within this new operational context. Read more.