The Ni2 Datacenter/IT Service Provider Solution delivers next-generation Service Delivery and Service Support capabilities by leveraging a centralized service and resource inventory and enabling access to all relevant IT, network and data center planning, service fulfillment and service support management capabilities required of today’s leading Datacenter/IT service providers.




Service Inventory

Enables managing the network from the service perspective. Service Inventory module leverages the Service Catalog to describe the services -Customer Facing Services (CFS) and Resource Facing Services (RFS)- and manages service instances so that they are created according to service specifications.

Resource Inventory

Stores attribute and lifecycle information about both physical and logical network resources and leverages the Resource Catalog to describe all resources and presents as-is, planning and historical states of telecom/IT network infrastructure.

Resource Catalog

Enables the centralization of the multi-vendor and multi-technology resources specifications management.


Provides a multi-domain (IT, network, datacenter) service and resource view including all their descriptive relationships and dependencies.

Site Management

Allows for the modeling, utilization and management of locations, rooms, and racks.


Resource Planning and Design

Enables the detailed planning and design to build out new IT, network and datacenter infrastructure and expand capacity to ensure service capacity and availability, and leverages the Resources Inventory module to provide an up to date and accurate view of the data center to prioritize where and when to expand and upgrade the datacenter.

Resource Change Management

Ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all resource changes, in order to minimize the impact on service quality, and consequently improve the day-to-day operations.


Service Order Management

Enables an automated, end-to-end service order management for the fulfillment of network services. The Service Order Management also allows creating, modifying/upgrading or terminating services. It manages service orders during the fulfillment process, through the steps of availability checking, reservation and finally provisioning and activation of the IT, Network and Datacenter services.

Also enables the decomposition of service orders into technical orders linking the Customer Facing Services (CFS) to the Resource Facing Services (RFS) to the Resources. The orders can be decomposed automatically or manually based on service catalog and service/resource inventory data.


Service Catalog

Allows the centralization of service specifications management, which aims to increase automation of the end to end service fulfillment and service assurance processes.


Service Desk

Provides a single point of contact and lifecycle management of service issues and requests to their quick and effective resolutions. Helps to proactively and significantly reduce the time needed to resolve service incidents by taking into account the different services customers subscribe to and to visually convey the actual makeup of those services. Leverages the Service and Resource Inventory/CMDB modules to predict and calculate customer service impact based on the service models and topology information.

Resource Incident & Problem Management

Enables the creation and lifecycle management of resource incidents and problems to their quick and effective resolutions. It also helps to proactively and significantly reduce the time needed to resolve resource issues by leveraging the Service and Resource Inventory/CMDB modules to quickly pinpoint faulty resources, list impacted technical services and accurately determine customer service impact.