Stéphane Gillot, TDF Group

We chose Ni2 because it is able to bridge the IT and telecommunications worlds better than other vendors, including some well know ITSM platforms. Today, Ni2 helps us to proactively manage the impact of change and incidents across massive shifts in infrastructure.

Chiew Kok Hin, CEO, AIMS Group

We chose Ni2 as they are the only vendor that is uniquely capable of offering ITSM-DCIM-OSS capabilities under one platform. With the Ni2 platform in place, AIMS will be able to provide faster and more efficient services for our customers.

Jeff Springborn, COO, LightEdge

Ni2 was selected to be a foundational component of our strategic initiative to continue to support the growth in our business, while maintaining the highest levels of quality support and satisfaction that our clients have experienced from LightEdge.